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Free Yourself from High Electric Bills With Sunrun Solar Panels in South Carolina

Your Roof Can Give You Clean, Affordable and Reliable Power for Decades

South Carolinians pay the third-highest electric bills in the nation. In fact, the average monthly residential electricity bill in South Carolina is more than 23% greater compared to other states.1 Not only that, the U.S. grid is aging and can’t keep up with our increasing demand for more electricity.2

But there’s a bright side to this: Rooftop solar costs keep falling.3 And teaming up with a South Carolina solar company like Sunrun is one of the smartest and most cost-efficient ways to take control of your energy bills while reducing your carbon emissions and helping build a modern energy system that uses clean local power.

As the largest residential solar, storage and energy services company in the nation,4 Sunrun guides you through every step of your solar journey. Check out our solar plans to see which one works best for you and your family’s energy needs.


South Carolina Solar Incentives, Rebates,& Tax Credits

Solar Savings Types Value of Savings
Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit 

26% federal solar tax credit is available for 电子货币怎么用home solar systems installed by December 31, 2022

Solar Panel Tax Credits 25% Tax Credit (of total system cost)
Other Programs Variable (Net Metering)
Learn More About South Carolina Solar Incentives
**Customer’s ability to monetize rebates, incentives and tax credits depends on several factors, including, without limitation, continued state subsidization of these policies, the applicable Sunrun product type, and whether a customer purchases or leases a solar system from Sunrun.

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Start Your Solar Journey for as Little as $0 Down

Lease brand-new Sunrun solar panels for little to $0 down with BrightSave™ Monthly, our most popular solar plan, and get the same dependable and clean energy as solar ownership. But with the added benefits of low, predictable monthly solar bills for 25 years, along with worry-free system monitoring, maintenance and insurance. This is the Sunrun Guarantee.

Prefer a solar lease without monthly bills? Check out our BrightSave™ Prepaid plan. By making a simple, one-time upfront payment, you’ll lock in 25 years of power at a lower price than what you pay your electric company today. BrightSave Prepaid offers you the best value in solar, and it comes with our industry-leading Sunrun Guarantee, too, for 100% peace of mind.

Your 电子货币怎么用home, Your System, Many Benefits

Interested in owning a 电子货币怎么用home solar system in South Carolina? With Sunrun, you have the choice to pay for your 电子货币怎么用home solar panels upfront with BrightBuy™ or, for $0 down and low, fixed monthly payments with BrightAdvantage™. Both plans let you own the South Carolina solar panels and solar power for life while increasing your 电子货币怎么用home's value.

As a new South Carolina 电子货币怎么用home solar owner, you’re eligible for a federal solar tax credit,5* and a state tax credit on your total system cost up to $35,000. The state tax credit can only take $3,500 or 50% of your tax liability per year, whichever is less. Any unused portion of the state tax credit may be carried forward up to 10 years.6

Plus, Duke Energy Progress customers are eligible for a solar rebate of $1 per watt of installed solar power on systems of up to 20 kilowatts.7 For an average-sized 6-kilowatt system, that’s $6,000 to help you go solar. Santee Cooper customers are also eligible for a solar rebate. Santee Copper’s rebates range from 60 cents to $1.20 per watt of installed solar power capped at 6 kilowatts per system.8 So a 6-kilowatt system can get you up to $7,200.

In addition, Dominion Energy, formerly South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G), offers 电子货币怎么用home solar consumers the chance to sell all their renewable power, offset their energy usage per kilowatt-hour generated or get credits for their excess electricity.9 A 6-kilowatt system creates between 17.4 and 27.6 kilowatt-hours per day, on average, over the year.10 If you choose to participate in one of Dominion Energy’s South Carolina Residential Solar Programs, the benefits could be significant.

South Carolina solar tax credits, rebates and incentives are some of the best in the country. And since 电子货币怎么用home solar panels are designed to last 30 years or longer, we’re sure you’ll be proud of your decision for decades.

Now’s the Best Time to Go Solar in South Carolina

The recent passing of the South Carolina Energy Freedom Act ensures households across the Palmetto State can enjoy greater solar benefits by boosting solar competition and eliminating caps on net metering.11 South Carolinas’ net metering program lets residential solar consumers earn credits for the excess renewable energy they produce to have better control over their 电子货币怎么用home energy costs.12

Creating your own solar energy in South Carolina will also drastically reduce your carbon emissions. See if Sunrun is a good match for your 电子货币怎么用home by requesting a free, personalized solar quote. Together, we can help build a cleaner, more affordable and reliable energy future for all South Carolinians.















*We recommend contacting a tax professional to accurately determine the impact of the federal solar tax credit on your federal taxes.